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My story

 Vis Jolie means Live Pretty in French and I have always struggled to feel pretty and  embrace my flaws of having very sensitive and acne prone skin. While growing up it was hard for me to accept my skin as it was  and vowed to one day, not only improve my own skin but those that have felt the same as me. 
Vis Jolie is my first step to helping both women and men 
Live Pretty, visually. 

Protect your first impression 
Natural Soap and Flowers


"Kaylee is amazing. I’ve been going to her for a couple of months now. I started off with really congested skin and acne prone skin I believed never really clearing up. On top of that I have really sensitive skin. As of now my skin feels so healthy and at this point I really only break out around my period. If you want a great esthetician she’s definitely it. Go ahead and schedule your appointment."

— Miah

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