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6 Tips for Breakout Prone/Sensitive Skin

With sensitive skin, you begin to feel like no matter what, you will always have some sort of breakout somewhere. Whether you react to fragrant lotions, certain facial products, debris in the air, etc. religious breakouts can be very frustrating and discouraging. As someone that has been dealing with reactive skin their whole life, I wanted to provide you with a few tips that I have found useful in keeping my breakouts at bay.

  1. Switch out your pillowcase frequently (at least twice/week). You may not be aware that your pillowcase collects a number of acne causing bacteria. Think about the tiny dust particles that settle on your pillow throughout the day and the "good sleep drool" that you add to the pot along with your hair... the bacteria is just waiting to cause harm to your skin.

  2. Instead of a cloth, use paper towels to dry your skin after washing. Cloths, over dry the skin and collect microscopic bacteria just from being in the cabinet! Now, I know what you may think, excessive paper towel use is bad for the environment BUT if you use the cloth for your hands instead of your face, it evens out.

  3. Avoid touching your face when ever possible and of course, always wash your hands before washing your face.

  4. Try your best to keep your hair out of your face. Our hair holds many oils and debris from the day that may be contributing to those breakouts along the hairline.

  5. Take care of yourself! Exercise regularly, drink lots of water and eat your healthy fats, proteins and veggies!

  6. Last but not least, don't forget your probiotics! Probiotics encourage proper gut health and regular bowel movements. If we are not regular the waste must go somewhere and in many cases it shows up on our skin in the form of acne!

These are just a few tips that may help you along your journey to clearer more radiant skin. Remember that a proper at home regimen and routine facials are very important in obtaining optimal skin health.