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Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Take a moment to think about how your house would smell, look and what type of things would be growing if you never took the trash out?

Your lymphatic system is your body's waste manager and when it isn't working at optimal levels, your body will start to show the consequences. As we mature the efficiency of our lymphatic decreases and it is not able to properly excrete waste without assistance. When our lymphatic ducts are clogged it needs help to move that waste along properly to rid it from your body.

If you experience any of the following then you may have a clogged lymphatic:

§ Fatigue

§ Swollen glands

§ Puffiness in eyes or face

§ Swelling in the fingers (tight rings) or ankles

§ Bloating or holding on to water

§ Headaches

§ Sinus infections

§ Skin issues, such as dry or itchy skin

§ Morning soreness or stiffness

§ Constipation

§ Weight gain and extra belly fat

§ Breast swelling or tenderness

§ Worsened allergies

§ Food sensitivities

§ Increased colds or flu

§ Trouble with memory or clear thinking

§ and more

Receiving a routine monthly Lymphatic massage, will help decrease these symptoms. In addition to everyday struggles, if you are scheduling any surgical procedures, lymphatic massage/drainage before and after your surgery will help boost recovery time. There are many benefits to clearing out your lymphatic system regularly. Book a consultation with us to see if the treatment is right for you!

Remember we are here to help you, live pretty, visually.