Double Cleansing is a MUST!

The core of a good facial routine starts with cleansing of the face. My reason for stressing double cleansing is because it has personally changed my life, literally! Also, quality products can be very expensive and the efficacy of your products depends on how well they are able to penetrate the skin. Think about your day to day activity, whether you work in an office, spend a lot of time outdoors, exercise regularly, etc., your face is taking on the grunt of your day. On top of your "normal" day to day, you have now added wearing a mask that I am sure you do not clean daily (thanks COVID). All of this packs on dirt, debris, stress and damage that needs to be thoroughly washed off at the end of every day. Let's not forget that most of us are wearing makeup day to day as well and simply washing our face once is not going to do the trick.

For those that do not usually wear makeup and want to watch that skin care budget, you can go down to your local drug store and purchase Cetaphil or Cerave moisturizing cleansers (about $10-$12) which do not strip the skin of essential oils but will help to wash away the surface dirt that sits on top of the skin. You will call this your "pre-cleanse", where you will thoroughly wash your face once maybe even twice depending on what you did that day and then proceed with your main cleanser that will help to lift bacteria that is lying underneath the surface of the skin.

If you wear makeup then you can still use the cleaners above but you will want to wash at least twice, wiping away residue with white cotton pads. I say white because you do not want to stop your "pre-cleanse" step until you can wipe your face and the pad stays white. Once this happens then you can proceed with your main cleanser.

Of course feel free to use your main cleanser as your "pre-cleanse" if you wish but if you start to experience dryer skin than normal, try using a more moisturizing cleanser like one of the two stated above or even an oil cleanser. I recommend oil cleansers to those with oily skin. Yes, oil for oil because like counter acts like. The oil in the cleanser will cut back the oil in the skin.

Once your face is cleansed then your serums and moisturizers will not have to work as hard to do their job. Double cleansing may also help you use less serum, saving money as well.

This is just a tip to help you on your journey to living pretty, visually.

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