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Filter Free Selfie!

Hair is done, outfit is on point and your makeup is blended flawlessly. What else is there to do but take a selfie? In most cases, you look in the mirror, love what you see but immediately turn to snapchat filters to take photos of yourself. Why is that?

Filters have brain washed how we see ourselves! You are gorgeous!! You just spent hours in self-care and yet you are not satisfied?

Ask yourself, "Why do I use filters...?"

I am not ashamed to admit that I too fall victim of this.

I tell myself it is because I don't wear makeup day to day and I use filters for a quick pore blur. Now that I have been dedicated to a skin regimen that fits my needs, I have been noticing that I'd rather take a photo that captures my true essence. #nofilter My pores are shrinking, my skin is naturally smoother and I enjoy showing off my NATURAL glow!

You do not have to let go of filters entirely but just like with anything, try not to over do it.

No more covering up your imperfections. Allow Vis Jolie to help you Live Pretty, Naturally and book a consultation today!