Know Your Skin!

The foundation of skin care is knowing what type of skin you have. The 6 main skin types are: Dry, Dry Combination, Oily, Oily Combination, Sensitive, and Normal.

How do you know what type of skin you have?


  • Moderately Dry- When you pinch your skin or smile you see small wave like lines. (NOT WRINKLES!) BUT hydration neglect can lead to premature wrinkles!

  • Severely Dry - Your skin will lack luster and have a dull appearance.

Dry Combination

  • T-zone! Your forehead, nose and chin appear oily or even normal but your cheeks are a bit flaky and vice versa; your forehead, nose and chin are dry and flaky but your cheeks appear normal or have a slight dew.


  • Your pores are large and clogged

  • Your T-zone is always shining like a diamond and you find yourself constantly dabbing away the unwanted dew.

  • acne is more abundant due to the excess oil.

Oily Combination

  • T-zone! Your forehead, nose and chin are uncontrollably shiny and breakout prone but your cheeks are normal or maybe dry and vice versa; your forehead, nose and chin can be slightly dry or just normal but your cheeks have clogged, un-blur-able pores with hard to remove blackheads and acne.


  • Skin is prone to redness with little to no manipulation.

  • facial brushes and excessive exfoliation cause adverse effects.

  • Add new products into your regimen one at a time, at month intervals to be sure that your skin is not reacting to the new product.

Normal - Ultimate Goal

  • Lucky You! You have found your sweet spot.

  • You know you have normal skin when your skin is no longer overly oily or excessively dry and you are not experiencing constant breakouts.

  • ANYONE can have normal skin once they find the correct regimen to achieve this.

Please remember that skin care needs to be 100% individualized as we all have skin that is unique to us. What remedies one doesn't remedy all. It is important to seek a good skin therapist at least once a month for assistance in truly understanding your skin. Vis Jolie is here for you as we are professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal skin health. Book an appointment today to start your journey to healthier, radiant skin.

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