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Understand your Melanin

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Melanin has become a coined term all over social media, praising the beauty that is brown skin. Of course all skin is beautiful but there is a uniqueness to what makes brown skin brown.

Melanin is created by something called a melanocyte which is the cell that creates the melanin pigment. The more pigmented your skin is, the more active your melanocytes are. What is interesting, we all have the same amount of melanocytes located in the bottom layer (the stratum basale layer) of the skin's epidermis. Melanocytes produce melanin as a way of protecting the skin from harm. Whether it is UV radiation, small abrasions, cuts, any type of injury can activate the melanocyte, thus causing pigmentation (melanin).

For us that are already beautifully melanated naturally, we have to be very careful when receiving any type of facial service as certain treatments that aim to treat pigmentation can actually make our pigmentation worse. Most facial services purposely injure the skin in a controlled manner to help stimulate collagen production, boost elasticity, increase cellular turnover, improve skin texture and the list goes on but when done improperly those that have more sensitive melanocytes can experience adverse effects.

When booking any facial service, be sure that your esthetician understands your skin and how melanin works because you do not want to not just get darker (hyperpigmentation) but you can also lose your pigmentation (hypo-pigmentation). Having melanated skin requires extra care, gentleness and patience. Never rush improvement as impatience can bring upon negative side effects.

Here at Vis Jolie we are here to help! Book a consultation today to better understand your skin ;)

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