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What is a Vagacial!?

A vagacial is what it sounds like, it's a facial but for your "mons pubis", Which is the top area where most of your hair grows.

Many of us are used to our way of hair removal whether we wax, shave, sugar, or have gone through laser hair removal. Once the hair is removed, we often face trouble with ingrown hairs, pigmentation, and even breakouts. Receiving a regular, routine vagacial reduces these side effects and keeps your sensitive area supple, hydrated and fresh. After all we don't remove the hair for it not to look pretty.

The Process:

A vagacial done by Vis Jolie will be about 45 minutes where the mons and bikini line area are throughly cleansed, deeply exfoliated, then treated with a masque that is suitable for your specific skin needs and followed up with serums and creams. In addition we incorporate lymphatic massage to help flush toxins that may have built up over time causing the mons to swell. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and vibrant with your kitty even more pretty.

Call our office today to inquire. 844-845-8737.

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