When to Expect Change in Your Skin.

When you start a new product, typically you should introduce one new product into your regimen at a time, to ensure control over positive or adverse effects. At the end of the day we want to be sure that our new purchase was a wise one. After all, quality skin products are not cheap.

On average, it takes our skin approximately 30 days to complete cellular turnover. Meaning, new fresh skin appears about every 30 days.

To help you understand this concept better, think of a baby, and how glowy and perfect their skin is. This is a result of their cellular turnover being about 1-2 WEEKS! As we mature this process gets slower and slower which is why we visibly see ourselves aging.

Remember, the reason we go and get facials and have intensive treatments done is to boost the speed of our cellular turnover. Unfortunately we aren't babies and on average it takes about 30 days to truly see an affect of whatever new product or treatment we have introduced into our skin regimen.

Because of this timeline, your esthetician will typically advise for you to get a facial at least once per month. A regular facial and deep cleanse will keep our cellular turnover working at optimum speed and efficiency.

Be nice to your skin and don't rush progress. Your skin wants to look its best so don't rush excellence. Enjoy where you are along your skin journey and know that progress is happening even if you think you can't see it. Tip: Take pictures every 2 weeks to give yourself visible proof of change and progress.

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